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Purposes of the
Lake County Conservation Council



A Sad Day for Lake County

At the end of April, 2006, the County Commission, with little warning or discussion, approved changes to the composition and purpose of the Lake County Environmental Protection Advisory Board that effectively rules out participation by local environmental groups and rules in participation by sprawl advocates.

The text of what the Commission approved can be found here

There’s not much we can do now...except remind ourselves and our neighbors that this is an election year


If you’re asking yourself
What can I do to help?
Remember that nothing is more important than letting
Lake County’s elected officials know that you care about what’s happening in our county.
When concerned citizens attend County Commission meetings
the Commissioners pay attention.
County Commission meetings are held every Tuesday in the Round Courthouse in Tavares.

Agendas are posted at the county website HERE

The way things have been going this Summer, concerned citizens have reason to visit the courthouse every Tuesday.

If the Commissioners don’t know you’re against it,
they’ll assume you’re in favor of it


Many of the questions and concerns facing Lake County residents concerned about
growth, development, and environmental preservation are old problems and old concerns.
Getting “up to speed” can be a challenge.To help meet that challenge, LCCC offers...


Purposes of the
Lake County Conservation Council

lTo promote the preservation and protection of the natural resources of Lake County, Florida

    To enchance civic awareness of present and potential dangers to the environment

    To cooperate with other conservation and environmental groups in the area for our common purposes

    To advise civic authorities on conservation and environmental matters

    To promote responsible growth management

The Lake County Conservation Council was founded nearly thirty years ago by a small group of residents working together to establish the Goose Prairie Preserve and to stop the construction of the Cross-Florida Barge Canal.

With LCCC’s encouragement, Lake County, FL, became the the first county in the US to ban the use of detergents with phosphates. We did this because the citrus industry, the dominant industry in our county at that time, used large quantities of phosphate detergent to clean their fruit and then expelled the wastewater directly into the lakes that give our county its name. The cause LCCC championed was taken up elsewhere and was among the many causes that shaped the Federal Clean Water Act.

Since those early years, LCCC has watched our county transform itself. Lake County’s population has exploded as retirees and Orlando-area workers flock to homes rising in the rolling hills where millions of citrus trees flourished only a few years ago.

They come because Lake County is heart of Central Florida. The Lake County Conservation Council is dedicated to keeping that heart healthy.

We invite like-minded people to examine our web-site, attend our meetings, and join our organization.  Lake County needs -- and deserves -- your help

and Officers

Lake County,